She was standing up there in her red flowing Gucci gown. Thinking about how her life has gone – about how it has gone all wrong. Just yesterday she got promoted to the General Manager position of one of the best Insurance companies in Oldenberg. Then one wonders, “What could be possibly wrong with a nice looking lady, who is not only beautiful, famous but also wealthy? “.

She was doing all this thinking while standing on the extreme tip of her balcony, 28 floors off the busy streets of the city. Suicide was all she could think about. With the way things had turned out, she could not trust herself any more. Standing barefooted with both her hands on the railings of her expensive penthouse, the breeze blowing softly making her gown add some dramatic effects to her critical situation, tears dropping from both her eyes, washing off her black eye-lining making her look like she had an Halloween costume on.

She had everything she had ever dreamed of: a good job, chains of successful businesses, beautiful kids, grandchildren and lot of money. What else could she have asked for?!

With number one priority on her career, she had left her family to suffer. Her pursuit for success and recognition got the most of her. She travels all around the world with no constrictions, she does not think twice or consider her family members before making critical decisions.

“So I deserve what I got”, she said to herself as she thought of letting go of the railings. “I have lost those who I was labouring for. My life is meaningless now. This life is over!”.

The Rolls-Royce Phantom drove into the state-of-the-art garage. “Miss Juliet, your mother! Please hurry! She is about to do the Forbidden!!”, shouted Madam Bates’ Butler. Miss Juliet alighted elegantly from her gold-plated Phantom taking her time to adjust her gracious gown. “Huh?! Suicide?, Madam Bates cannot do that, not my mother that I know, she is too self-conscious to do that. Come on!”, she said as she slowly ‘cat-walks’ to the elevators.


the story continues… #2.FAMILYBATES: DRAMA


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